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Love Spells

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love spells that work immediately Love spells, sex spells, romance spells, lust spells, reconciliation spells, marriage spells, virility spells, and fertility spells are the most ordered spells, this is of no surprise because love, romance and sex are free natural given gifts which any individual has to enjoy to the fullest. Professor Habib cast love spells for different people in different locations.  In his 30 years experience, Prof Habib has cast a variety of spells including but not limited to love spells with candles, love spells with tarot cards, magic love spells, powerful love spells, voodoo love spells, wiccan love spells, love spells using an apple, love spells using pictures, love spells using pink candles, love spells using words, black magic love spells, white magic love spells, love spells that lead to marriage, black magic love spells using hair and lots of love spells according to peoples situations

Get Ex back Love Spells

Get Ex back Love SpellsThese  happen to be one of my most popular love spells that work. If you don’t see something that fits your situation, one can be customized for you. Talk to professor Habib right now at phone (Call or Whatsapp Professor Habib at +27717829664 or email at

Reconcile Love Spell with your  Ex, Choose this reconcile love spell to reconcile the love with the one you desire or to cause two other people to reconcile their love. This spell is also known as a Reunite Spell or Make Up Spell.

Attraction Love Spells

Attraction Love SpellsThis spell may bring a new love or soulmate into your life.

Attract The One – Brings The One, your most compatible and ideal partner into your life.
Attract Lovers – Draws more lovers to you like a magnet.

Irresistible Charm / Popularity – You develop the knack for saying and doing just the right thing at the right time, gives you spot-on timing to win people over.

More than Friends Love Spell

More than Friends Love SpellsYou’ve been in the “just friends” zone and want to create the right conditions to nudge your relationship to another level without jeopardizing all that is good between you.So many great loves start with the foundation of friendship. To truly love someone you must truly know them. You may swap familiarity and platonic respect for passion and romantic love with the More Than Friends Spell. Request the More Than Friends love Spell and my powers may get your friends to desire another layer to your relationship. Sometimes what you’ve spent your life seeking was always right there. This spell may remind your friend of this fact.

Love Spells that Work not quite what you’re looking for? For Sex Spells, CLICK HERE

Breaking Up Spells

Break Up – In a dead-end relationship but just can’t cut loose? This creates the best circumstances to break up with someone.

Banish a Past Lover

Diverts someone you’ve ended a relationship with who won’t move on.

Healing or Energy

Mend a Broken Heart Magic Spell – You’ve had your heart broken or had an otherwise traumatic breakup, you’ve accepted it’s all for the best to move on but just can’t. This magic spell that works helps you focus in a positive direction, restores, strengthens your sense of self-worth and confidence, makes you see only the good of what you’ve been through, opens you to new, better opportunities for love.

Get Your Ex Back Love Spells that Work / Get Your Partner / Spouse / Lover / Boyfriend / Girlfriend Back

Making Up Magic Love Spell that Works – Smooths things out, creates the right atmosphere for both of you to be more willing to listen and talk things through, work things out.

Get Your Ex Back / Bring Back a Lost Lover  even if there hasn’t been any contact in a while and the break up had seemed final and irrevocable, this gets them thinking of you again all day, remembering all that was good, begging to come back – Get Your Ex Back is one of the most popular love spells that work, reuniting lovers meant to be.

Stop a Cheating Partner Love Spell that may Keep your partner faithful.

Banishes competition vying for your lover’s attention, sometimes combined with the above.

Binding Spell

Total Commitment Magic Love Spell that Works – Bind your lover to you so they don’t wander, have eyes only for you.

Spells For When Love is Dead

A Spell to Say, ‘It’s Over!’
A Spell that is Bittersweet
A Spell to Make Someone Accept the Inevitable
A Spell for a Love that is Slowly Dying
A Spell to Mend a Broken Heart

Love Spells to Settle Arguments

Stop a Divorce / Mend My Marriage – Even when all seems ‘lost’
A Spell to Restore Friendship
A Spell to Help Feuding Families
A Spell to Stop Family Arguments
A Spell for Friends Who Have Fallen Out
A Spell for Burying the Hatchet
A Spell to Mend a Lovers’ Quarrel

Spells to Find Love 

A Spell to Evoke a Romantic Response
A Spell to Win Affections
A Spell to Make Love Grow
A Spell to Revive Passion
A Spell that has Worked for Many
A Simple Spell 86
A Spell to Have Love Returned
A Spell with No One Particular in Mind
A Spell for New Love
A Spell with Small Beginnings
A Spell to Find Out a Lover’s Initials
A Spell for Love Within the Month
A Spell for True Love
A Spell for the Lovelorn
A Spell to Find Love for the First Time
A Spell for When Love is Shaky
A Spell to Keep a Lover Faithful
A Spell Based on a Nursery Rhyme
A Spell to Fill a Lonely Gap
A Spell for Bakers
A Spell for Those Who Change Their Minds
A Colourful Spell that Takes a Week to Cast
The Last Resort

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